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A lifting, toning, and tension melting treatment involving both external and intra-oral (yes, inside the mouth) sculpting massage which improves elasticity and circulation, while reducing swelling and blockages and restoring the natural posture of the face. This treatment is is gaining popularity quickly for it's dramatic and transformative results.


Treatment includes Constitutional body Acupuncture, LED light therapy and the use of high quality skin care products.  

A "Deluxe" Version is available, adding Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture for the ultimate treatment.


For best results we recommend a course of 8-10 treatments at one a week.


*please wait 3 weeks after botox or fillers to book this treatment and do not book during an active breakout or if you are recovering from oral surgery

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Benefits also include:

• Treatment of TMJ pain

• Rehabilitation after sinusitis, trigeminal nerve damage and stroke

• Improvement of deep wrinkles, and areas lacking tone

• Prevention of “double chin”

• Lymphatic drainage

Body Acupuncture is always included to ensure we are treating the body as a whole

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